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    Woke the dog

    The juvenile criminal in question

    Why saving a juvenile criminal dog in a city like Berlin can lead to serious harassment, threats and social cancellation.

    The dog

    Möritz was sold to me as an Australian Shepherd. I never believed that for a second and I really don’t care. I got him out of a complicated situation with ten month of age. He was constantly over-excited and subsequently disrespectful and violent. I got some bites for trying to break his bad habits and not all of them where playful ones. He growled at neighbors and guests and had tons of neurotic anxieties. The dog was seriously off. He couldn’t focus for a second and was trapped in an endless stream of events. He slept terrible, controlled me inside and ignored me on walks and dragged be around like whatnot.

    But he is a diamond inside. I am pretty sure, this dog has it all. And more.


    I had dogs that reacted on first call. Most of the time. I did circus tricks and parkour-ish tricks in the urban environment. These dogs knew where to shit and where not, how to behave off-leash in public transport and the city center. I earned me the attribute dog-whisperer without asking for it. My general approach is, that you should not have a dog …